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Magic Bean Cookies
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Before you start baking, there's something you need to know. For the right consistency and flavor, I highly recommend using dried garbanzo beans (chickpeas) over canned. There is an absolute world's difference in its deep flavor, amazing taste and texture. Using canned, mushy beans till create a muddy batter and the cookies will not rise too well. Trust me, I've tried!


Plus, dried beans are way more cost effective. They are also BPA and sodium free. All you need is a stovetop or pressure cooker to cook them :)

I purchase my dry, organic chickpeas in a 5lb cotton bag from Palouse Farms in Washington state. Check them out here.


Any suggestions? Did you make these?

Want more recipes? How are you creating in quarantine?


I have become very passionate about food over the last 2.5 years. I've put a lot of my time and creativity into cooking and baking plant based meals for myself, family and friends. It's now spring 2020, and we are in the midst of a very complicated time. While work has been slow, I felt compelled to create something. I wanted to combine my love for art & film with my love for food.

After some thought, I visualized a beautiful, mini film that would deliver a recipe in a simple but uniquely expressive way. To provide captivating storytelling within a recipe.

I had been using this delicious cookie recipe from Andrea Hannemann for a few months now, and decided it was the perfect one to film. These cookies are divine and have beautiful texture!

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 12.16.03

The process of creating this film was a long & challenging one, as I decided I was going to shoot myself, in my living room at a very specific time during sunset when the light hits my east facing window! I shot from 5:30pm-7:30pm every day for 9 days. It took me about two days to get in the groove and determine what the light was doing at each half hour. I carefully planned out each day in what I was shooting so that I could maximize my time and not waste any ingredients. Shout out to my partner Josh for helping me out with a few shots, and for his patience putting up with the messy house! I easily spent over $100 on supplies for this project, and I baked a total of about 115 cookies. I cooked roughly 5 pounds of chickpeas.

HU Kitchen's SALTY dark chocolate bar caught my eye at Whole Foods with their clean and simple ingredient list. They have tons of amazing flavors - all vegan - and have become my new favorite chocolate brand.

This mini film was shot with my Canon 1DX Mark ii with an f1.4 50mm lens, along with my Manrotto tripod, monopod and some handheld shots. The oven shots were used with a 70-200mm. Big thanks to my friend Michael for the last minute borrow and Kim for letting me use your clean oven!

If you haven't recognized the music track yet, this is a lofi version of Claire De Lune that I found by a talented music maker on Audiojungle. I added some vinyl FX and thought this sound was very fitting to the classic and vintage feel of the video.


This project challenged my creativity in so many ways and it provided me an outlet to express myself in complete freedom. As most of my passion projects have given me much pleasure, this one was particularly fulfilling and delicious. As always, thanks for following along. Happy baking friends!

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