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"Epic Love" is a thirty minute documentary film that follows over one hundred people on an epic adventure in an effort to make waves of change in the cystic fibrosis community. It was born out of a father's desire to do something for his daughter, Piper, who lives with this terminal disease. 

A long distance endurance challenge, Crossing for a Cure, takes paddlers on an eighty mile journey across the Gulf Stream from the Bahamas to Florida. It's about the connection between the human experience and nature - in our case, the ocean. It's about rallying our community and empowering one other to create a movement. It's about spreading awareness and taking action in the form of love. It's about providing cystic fibrosis warriors around the world with a better quality of life. It's an inspiring story of epic love through action. Cue the tears!

Crossing For CF 2018 "EPIC LOVE"
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Personally working with the Piper's Angels Foundation has been a blessing. I met Founder Travis Suit in the Fall of 2016, about 10 months after I moved to South Florida from New York. I left our first meeting with such a spark of excitement and inspiration (as many do after speaking with Travis) from his story about Piper, his motivation to rally people together and create change, and his trust he had in capturing the event through my eyes.


Living by the ocean and creating films around it has always been my passion, which is the sole purpose I moved here. The Crossing for a Cure event combines adventure on the ocean with a purpose, which is more than anything I could ask for as a filmmaker. I am so grateful to be a part of this event and to be using my art in a way that inspires and moves people.

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"Epic Love" premiered on August 16th, 2018 at Cinepolis Cinemas in

Jupiter, Florida. Both showings were filled with

incredibly overwhelming emotions as my family, friends

and participants attended. The theater was full of tears and

full of love, and it was truly one of the most rewarding nights 

of my life. Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy

the film and show their support in my work. I feel so blessed! 


A huge shout out to my wonderful man, Josh Lanphear, 

who I met on the Gulf Stream in 2017! 

He surprised me with 65 roses,an enormous symbol of hope

in the cystic fibrosis community (not to mention an enormously thoughtful gesture!). 

The Piper's Angels Foundation also presented me with a

beautiful plaque in recognition of my work. Grateful.

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