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Defying Plastic is a five minute short film that touches on the enormous plastic pollution epidemic on our planet. I created this film to educate and inspire people to take action in small ways and create wave of change to save the earth. I submitted my film into a contest called The Ocean Film Challenge, created by world renowned oceanographer, Dr. Sylvia Earle.

The contest was run by Audience Awardsamong several other sponsors including HATCH, Mission Blue and Ocean Media Institute. Roughly one hundred submissions were entered, watched and reviewed by five jurors, including Sylvia herself! Actor Matthew Lillard was also a judge. A few weeks after submitting, only eight were chosen out of those hundred submissions. 

On April 11th, I received and email

informing me that my film was chosen among 7 others.

My film ran in a circuit of three film festivals all over the country - DCEFF, International Wildlife Film Festival and Audfest!


Defying Plastic received the Audience Awardacquiring the most public votes, as well as the Best Editing Award. I was awarded a trip to Fiji for 7 days!

Defying Plastic
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